Welcome to Proactive Asset Allocation
by Arlington Capital Management

At Arlington Capital Management we believe your hard earned life savings deserve better, it shouldn’t be left to react to the whims of the market. That’s why we created PAAS, our proprietary Proactive Asset Allocation Strategy. Take advantage of a no obligation, complimentary financial review and learn how we use PAAS to help us make sound investment decisions based on cutting-edge research, market studies, and data. Believe in better, learn how a proactive approach to wealth management could benefit you.


We're the Creators of the Proactive Asset Allocation Strategy, PAAS, designed to:

  • Identify potential market trends and turning points based on data triggers.
  • Isolate potential leading asset classes and sectors emerging as market leaders.
  • Aim to reduce risk by navigating around underperforming sectors.
  • Mitigate risk by identifying potential bear cycles.

About Arlington Capital

Arlington Capital Management was formed in 2000 by Joe LoPresti, it’s President and Senior Portfolio Manager. With 4 offices serving the greater Chicago area, Arlington Capital Management specializes in proactive investment management. The team at Arlington Capital Management created the proprietary Proactive Asset Allocation Strategy know as PAAS. Joe is the author of

Empowered Investing: Strategies For Proactive Investors and host the weekly syndicated Empowered Investing radio show. Joe is also the founder and regular lecturer of the acclaimed Investor Education Institute where individual investors attend educational courses on investment strategy.

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